Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Don't date them if you are not compatible

People should be warned of the dangers of dating someone with vast differences. you should not jump into a relationship instantly, you need to find out more about your partner to ensure you are compatible with them. Of course men and women think differently and have a lot of differences. Yet some partners are perfectly compatible with each other. If you choose to be with a partner you not compatible with the relationship will fails after sometime.
If you ask average singles, what they want in a partner, they would rather be telling you those physical qualities, they would like to see in their Partner, like being tall, handsome, athletic, beautiful, and so on. But in reality, all these qualities are not necessarily issues that could not be overlooked. They are outward issues and have less important impact on compatibility.

The romantic compatibility chart compares two people with regards to all the things that affect their ability to live in harmony with each other, from relationship personality and lifestyle to sexuality and passion. This is one of the most comprehensive ways available that will help you to understand how
You should relate romantically with another person and how you both can better understand and appreciate each other. some relationship incompatibilities includes: Intelletual compatibility, sexual compatibility, personal character and attitude(Laziness, Cleanliness, tolerance, friendship e.t.c), individual prefrence (Life goals, spending habit and life style) e.t.c...

If these issues have been discussed with open mind and you think you both find each other compatible and that you love each other for sure, the romantic compatibility will grow slowly between you and your partner

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