Wednesday, 27 March 2013

How to avoid friend zone with a girl

Being "just friends" with a girl is often to be something that sucks up your time without providing any kind of realistic returns on investment. Have you ever try so hard to get close to a girl you really like, close enough to tell her that you like her, but one great day she turns around and tell you that you're such a great friend, or even worse than that, she tells you you're just like a brother to her. I hope not!

What is a friend zone?
Friend zone for a girl is a place where she is happy. A place where she and a guy can sit together and talk about anything and get real friendly with each other at least for the girl.

Friend zone for a guy is the most terrible and worse place to be in, especially when he likes the girl who happen to behave like a friend or even worse like his sister.

In a friend zone, the two friends involved, the girl and the guy are just friends and nothing more than that. They have no sexual interest towards each other and they behave in a completely platonic manner.

How to avoid the "friend zone"
Break the "Mr nice guy" stereotype. Its important that you know the difference between being nice, sweet and being ATTRACTIVE. A guy who talks to a girl by primarily saying 'oh, yeah, exactly, totally, I completely agree' is not going to be interesting, attractive to a smart, confident and otherwise desirable woman. If you are someone who wants to avoid making other people uncomfortable at any cost, but does so usually at your own expense by not communicating your own needs. When you're romantically attracted to someone, but you don't want to "pressure" them into a relationship, or "ruin" the friendship by expressing your interest or making a move, you'll end up holding back in a variety of ways. The trouble is, when you make other people's feelings more important than your own (instead of finding that happy balance), you're unconsciously communicating to people that your own feelings don't matter. This may make it seem like you have low self-worth, which is the opposite of confidence. Read how to build self confidence.

Stop being too eager to get into a relationship. When you act too desperate to get into a relationship or being the first person to tell her how you feel about her is way too early. You should not even tell her you love her until it's obvious to you that she is crazy about you, that she expects to hear it from you and that she will even be upset if she doesn't hear the L word.

Never ask her how she feels about you. Asking a girl how sh feels about you is pointless and even harmful to your image as a confident and attractive guy in her eyes, it will conveys your insecurity and your concern about how she feels about you which is never attractive. Besides if she is desperate to see you and spend time with you and she makes herself available to you, then you have your answer and you should let HER be the first to ask you where the two of you stand.

You should that there is a big difference between a friendship and a romantic relationship. When you first meet a girl during which you must make it clear that you are interested in her romantically and not just through words but through your actions also. If you don't, she will unconsciously "give up" on thinking of you as a romantic prospect and you will be permanently classified as a "friend". So if you want to make a move, do it promptly and it will help you avoid the FRIEND ZONE! Also learn how to flirt (read how to flirt with a girl) - Make a subtle sexual jokes and don't hesitate to touch her casually, lightly but with affection, especially if the girl seems to be open minded and receptive.

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