Thursday, 14 March 2013

How to talk to a girl

If you know how to talk to a girl when you meet for the very first time, picking up a girl will become easier and you will find their reaction to you will be a positive one. You should come across as caring, kind hearted and thoughtful and try not to flatter them too often. Treat the girl as if she is just another person, give her no special treatment.
Making her feel comfortable with you is the best way on how to talk to a girl for the first time. Try to keep the conversation flowing, fun and try not to become nervous as this can create awkwardness.

Be confident All girls like to see a confident guy, this does not mean you have to love yourself just that you are comfortable with yourself. Girls hate guys who are too into themselves. Try to keep in the back of your mind that the girl you have chosen to talk with is lucky to talk to you and that you talk to girl like her all the time even if you dont. Being confident is not about what you say but the overall aura you give off and this can often determine how the girl perceives you. Also think about your body language, tone of voice, and your overall aura and positivity.

Be funny  Girls love a guy who can make them laugh and smile. Someone who has a great sense of humour can often walk away with a stunningly beautiful girl. This is because he has made her feel comfortable. Reflecting or mirroring her actions is also very important in the conversation making, so if she smiles, smile back etc. These are great how to talk to a girl techniques.
Being funny does not come naturally to everyone so do not try too hard if this is not something you are naturally gifted with. Every guy has his own talents but adding a little joke into a conversation at the right point always helps lighten moods of conversation. The goal is to make her think you are smart and witty keeping the conversation interesting. Being funny is very attractive but if your joke is not funny or the girl does not get the joke, move on swiftly as this could be a big turn off. Do not explain a joke if she does not get it and remember what the lads would find funny, she will not.
Make small talk with her  Girls love chatting and when getting to know a girl you will need to be able to create small talk with her. This is a way of keeping the conversation fun, connecting it with current situations or stuff you can relate to her with, these are my how to talk to a girl tips.
If you do not know the girl you could always talk to her about something she is wearing, drinking or even something small you like about her. Once you have got the conversation going keep it related and try not to jump around too often. Try to connect the previous topic and the new topic by introducing them into one and other. Breaking away from topics can be done from time to time if you think the conversation is becoming boring or if she looks disinterested, but this could be time to close your conversation and say goodbye. How to talk to a girl is all about knowing where your conversation is leading or knowing when your how to talk to a girl conversation is failing.
Get to know her  Girls like it when a guy is sweet and nice. Try flirting with them a little and play hard to get wherever possible, because every girl likes a challenge and gets driven by something they cannot have always makes them want it more. When you are getting to know a girl, always ask them about themselves and be a good listener. This is one of the most important tips on how to talk to a girl. Talk to her about her hobbies and interests, girls will give you nuggets of information about themselves and as long as you keep things interesting she will keep talking to you. Girls like to talk so if this happens make sure you pay attention to her and keep listening, as girls love a good listener, try not to switch off just because she is talking to you and good eye to eye contact is essential. You will find that even though she is talking, later she might test you on how well you listened.
You will also want to talk about yourself and this will help her get to know you better. Talk about what you have done, where you want to be, hobbies, interests, places you have traveled to and place you would like to see in the future, maybe make a small plan with her to keep the ‘how to talk to a girl’ conversation exciting.
Finishing the conversation  Closing the conversation at the right time is important and may determine if you will talk or even see each other again. You need to be aware of this when you are both having a nice time and if the conversation is wearing thin or drying up, this is when you should find closure and move on. When you are about to say your goodbyes, always end on a fun or pleasant note. If you think the conversation went well you could always ask for her number or if you think you will see her around somewhere again it might be wise to hold off until the next time. Playing it cool or hard to get always gets you respect and then you have till next time to practice your how to talk to a girl techniques. If you do decide to ask for her number, and she cannot remember it or she does not have a phone you could always ask her for her email or her Facebook addy. This is a great way of communication especially if you are both in the office a lot, or you could always leave her your business card!
If she rejects you after asking for her details just say that is okay, smile and leave. Playing it cool will show her you’re just being friendly and there should not be any awkwardness.
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