Saturday, 16 March 2013

How to tell if your girlfriend is a golddigger

A gold digger is someone who will latch on to a person who can provide gifts, expensive vacations, and dinners at fancy restaurants, etc. In exchange, they will often pretend to be interested in you. Most gold diggers have an attitude that they have to be taken care of by you. And by “taken care of” I mean taking care of her daily expenses, credit card bills and other special needs. And, this my friend can very often cost the moon.The following is a list of how to tell if your girlfriend is a gold-digger.

Your girlfriend is out of your "league".
Remember when you were in high school or college and couldn't get a date with certain types of women. None of the beauty queens at school gave you the time of day. Yet, as soon as you signed that multi-million dollar contract, every model, beauty queen and fantasy girl came a running. If your girlfriend fits this description, watch out. She's a gold digger. She would never date you if you were gas attendant. Does this mean you can't date or marry up? Of course, not - just make sure your new gal is only one rung above you.

Your girlfriend treats you like a walking ATM machine.
Every time you turn around, the new girlfriend has a crisis or need that requires money. You're a generous guy, so you don't mind helping her out. Yet, the little voice in your head is saying 'this chick thinks you are made of money.' Don't ignore it. If a woman treats you like an ATM machine and is always making financial withdrawals, she is a gold digger. Avoid her like the plague and find someone who likes you for you.

She never offers to pay.
She never offers to pay and only says thank you occasionally…as if she’s entitled to your spending. A man should pay for the first date and a thank you is necessary. In terms of identifying diggers, a thank you after a small dinner means more than her going down on you when you get her back to the crib. If after several dates she has never offered to pay for anything, you should be suspicious.

She is never around when times are bad
Gold diggers are never around when times are bad. So if your bank balance has hit rock bottom or your merger didn’t go as well as you planned, the gold digger is out that door. If you’re going through some legal issues and you need some emotional support, call your mom because your gold digging partner is probably out at a party looking for the next victim.

 She only lets you hit when you buy her something.
If the only time you get some is after an expensive date or if she only hooks you up with brains after she gets an expensive gift, you probably have a digger on your hands. She is attaching sex to money and this is part of gold diggings 101.

She only wants to go to expensive restaurants.
After impressing her on the first or second date, take her to a few inexpensive places like Red Lobster and see how she reacts. If she reacts unappreciative or complains, she is either a digger, or may be too high maintenance. Don't be a punk or weak for the panties and call the digger back. If you do, you may as well hire a dime quality call girl which will save you some money and more than a few migraine headaches in the long run.

Finally remember this rule: The best way to fish out a gold-digger is to starve them out.

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