Take things slow

The major reason relationships fails is because the woman falls in love with him and try to get serious with him too soon. Yes, you want to spemd as much time as you can with him, espacially early on in the relationship, but never tell him you're planning on buying a house together, getting engaged, married, or even having children with him. It's alright to have dreams, but you don't want to reveal them to him because he might get scared away. You always want to get to know each other before you start bringing things up about the future.

It may be funny telling someone I love you on the first date, planning your retirement together, or talking about "us" "we" too soon applies too much pressure and saps the spontaneity and fun from the early stage. Hold off for a while until you know each other better. Everything that exist in our universe, as far as I know, has a time scale - including love. Don't be quick to establish yourself as a longlasting couples when you have knoen each other just a few weeks.

The best thing to do is take it slow. Take the time to explore what you both want out of life and see if you're headed in the same direction. While your dreams don't have to be exact, they at least have to be in the same ball park.
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