Monday, 25 March 2013

How to be a sexy guy

The best state for meeting women is actually a chilled out, relaxed state, and not a hyper state where you're bouncing off the walls, super excited or freaking out.
The best state for meeting women isn't extravagant. It's just chill and relaxed. Why; because talking to a girl being all relaxed and chill communicates to her that you're not desperate to please her or kiss butt or get her approval. It shows her that you're normal and confident.
      Being sexy comes down to the following behavior:

  • Dress well: It takes time to develop a good fashion sense, especially if you're just starting out, don't get yourself feeling overwhelmed and instead seek to gradually improve your wardrobe with time. Start by sizing yourself down into smaller, better-fitting clothes, and look for more stylish things to wear. Look too for colors that compliment your skin, hair, and eye colors.
  • Speak loudly: Speak Loudly! The loudest guy in the group is the guy who has the most social value, who is the leader, the alpha (check how to be an alpha male), who is looked to for leadership, who is the most comfortable guy in a social situation, who is the most confident guy. Because if you’re not confident, you won’t be talking, let alone talking very loudly. Loudness is a cue for confidence, and girls love it.
  • Don’t Apologize For Your Actions: When you go up to a girl, or you grab her hand, or you give her a hug, or you give her a compliment, or whatever it is, follow through with your actions and don’t apologize for your actions. 
    Being unapologetic is the key to getting away with any move, and to get the girl reacting to you.
  • Make eye contact: Make eye contact and hold it. Don’t dart your eyes around, don’t keep breaking eye contact with her. It’s when you hold eye contact, especially through pauses and silences, that you create sexual tension and butterflies in the woman’s stomach!
  • Don’t be judgmental of women: If you assume she’s a bitch, or she’s a slut, or she’s a caricature picture of a feminist, it’s going to make you think negatively, and will ruin your game. Instead by open minded and be a source of positivity, and that’s what will attract women to you because girls want to be around a cool guy, a cool guy being a guy who is non-judgmental and positive.
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