Tuesday, 26 March 2013

How to be a guy everyone likes

People will admire you and even love if you succeeded in making them believe that  you have the positive traits that they are really in need of. If you convinced a shy introvert that you are a very social person, he may admire you.
Love and admiration can happen when you position yourself the right way depending on the person you are dealing with. Some people will admire you if you appeared confident (check how to build self confident) while others might admire you if you appear intelligent.
       Steps you should take to make people like you:

  • Always be yourself: It will be something that other people will look up to. Your uniqueness, and you don't need to join clique. Make your own friends, Being cool is being yourself. Don't try to be like anyone else. Live life for who you are. Don't loose sight of yourself or your morals. Being cool isn't about changing who you are, its about being confident enough to let people see how awesome you are.
  • Use humor: Cool people always use humor and ease in any situation. They don't get annoyed and angry, and no matter how many bad things happen to them they don't take it too harshly; They make about it. They don't let bad emotion affect them, they have awesome emotional control and understanding.
  • Change your attitude: If you have a negative attitude change it. Cool people always have a positive attitude. No one likes a negative person. When people get to know you and see that you always have a positive look on things even when things are not going your way, they will enjoy your company.
  • Don't be shy: If you are naturally shy, learn to overcome it or learn how to have a "cool shy". The first step is to talk to people. At least say hello to every one you know. The second step is to talk some more. The more you chat with people, the more friends you will make. Talk to your friend's friends. If your friend is a real friend, then those people will most likely be nice to you too. If you're a real friend to him/her, then your friend's friends will like you too. you'll gradually start to become popular.
  • Don't be afraid to be different: Whether that means standing up for yourself, defending someone else, or taking interest in something that no one else does, like playing a sport you like, try to be different and stand out. The coolest people are the ones who occasionally break against the tide and make people question the status quo. Insecure people will, at time, become jealous of you. These people will try to get to you, in an attempt to take the attention off of you and bestow it upon themselves. The important thing to remember is not to smile in weakness, just ignore them.Not as if you didn't hear your antagonist, but casually and conversationally disregard their remarks.
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