Never stop trying to be attractive

I am very sure, you want your partner looks well groomed and attractive as when you first met them, and that’s understandable. And if you want them to make the effort for you, you need to do the same thing for them. I’m not only talking about looks, but also about your behavior and the way you talk to them. The softness of your voice and all those little endearments. These things are all part of our attractiveness, and it’s not fair on your partner if you switch them all off after a while. You wouldn’t thank them doing the same thing to you.
I should just be clear here that I don’t mean you necessarily have to spend hours every morning putting on make-up or choosing clothes or shaving or grooming. When we first meet someone, we often go to town on making sure we look picture perfect. A few years on, maybe with kids and busy work schedules, this isn’t always realistic. And you may have put on a few pounds as well. That’s all fine – if your partner loves you, they’ll still find you attractive because you’re you.

So what am I saying? I’m saying that you shouldn’t go to the other extreme. Don't think that just because you’ve caught your man or woman, you can now slob around the house in tracksuit bottoms and an old grubby T-shirt, picking your teeth in front of them. There are still standards to keep up, and you owe it to them to show that you care about staying as attractive as you can for them.

It’s really not that hard to comb your hair nicely and choose something to wear that is clean and smart and looks flattering on you. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy and maybe you don’t have time for make-up or you never wore it anyway. Or if you’re a bloke, perhaps you’ve always favored the unshaven look and that’s what she likes. It’s just a matter of showing your partner respect by taking their view into account. And I mean literally their ‘view’ – they-re the one who’s going to be looking at you most (unless you spend a lot of time in front of the mirror).
What’s more, you can still make an effort from time to time. I know there’s not always much time in the mornings when you have a busy life, but you can still dress up for your partner on special occasions. Birthdays, meals out, parties and so on. Every once in a while you can still spend some time in front of the mirror like you did when you first met, and make sure your partner can feel really lucky to be seen out with you … or to stay in with you.

NOTE: it’s just a matter of showing your partner respect by taking their view into account
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